Mulch harrow (Mid-harrow, Straw harrow) SpringExpert


Mulch harrow (Mid-harrow, Straw harrow) SpringExpert The SpringExpert mounted mulch harrow has 5 rows of double working fingers placed on thick-walled pipes integrated into the machine’s frames. The applied fingers are 16 mm thick and 750 mm long (MADE IN GERMANY). Each pair of tines is mounted on a cross pipe with screws in such a way that the tines retain the possibility of a minor rotation. The operating angle of fingers is hydraulically adjustable using double acting actuators. The best mixing results are obtained when setting the fingers close to the vertical position.

The SpirngExpert harrow can operate at a speed of 10-25 km/h, and the recommended working speed is more than 15 km/h. The mulch cultivators are mainly used in the stubble cultivation after cereals and rapeseed. Optional front discs cut the soil providing its aeration and perfectly copy the area, which guarantees even operation of the working sections. The discs can be replaced with the aggressive ProCut knife roller.