Pneumatic Precision Planter PrecisoAgri


PrecisioAgri seeders are equipped with vacuum seeding sections with mechanical drive from the seeder wheel. The machine is perfect for sowing corn, and the replaceable sowing discs allow for precise sowing of sugar beet, rapeseed, sorghum, soybean, beans, sunflower, cabbage and other plants that can be precisely spot sown provided the appropriate sowing disc is used. The high-performance fan blower creates elevated vacuum, thanks to which the seeds stick to the holes in the disc, and then they reach the tube supplying the seeds to the sowing coulter. The double-disc seed coulter forms a narrow furrow resembling the letter "V", thus maintaining an even distance between the seeds sown. The grounding wheels are responsible for maintaining the assumed working depth, while the rear press wheels cover the furrows and press the soil in the sowing line, which ensures better water absorption.

When introducing precision seeders to our range, we made sure that they were functional, as well as durable and easy to use. The applied solutions and components will make them serve their buyers for many years of operation, regardless of the working conditions in which they will have to operate.