APV aftercrop seeders


In order to achieve greater work economy, Rolmako tillage machines are offered with top-mounted aftercrop seeders from the renowned Austrian company – APV. APV seeders during tillage machine trips through the fields enable sowing of plants such as lupins, peas, beans, mustard, rapeseed, phacelia, buckwheat, poppy, vetch and cereal and grass seeds.

We offer disc spreaders and pneumatic spreaders with electric and hydraulic fan drive. For machines with a working width of 4 metres or more, we recommend spreaders equipped with a hydraulic drive.

APV aftercrop seeder can be mounted on U622, U652, U671, U693 disc harrows and U436, U453, U497 cultivators. Our customer can opt for an optional platform or a platform with steps used for filling the seeder, which facilitate work and improve safety.