Compact tillage cultivator U684

Front drag, front string roller with flat bars Ø450mm, basic version with four rows of tines (choice of SU or SA tine) or two rows of tines (choice of SG or SX tine), side covers, rear pipe roller Ø450mm, rear drag. The trailed basic version has looseners of tractor traces, transport carriage on the wheels of 400/60-15,5.

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- string roller with flat bars Ø460mm
- string roller with cogged bars Ø460mm
- Packer cogged roller Ø460 mm
- Crosskill roller Ø400mm

- Coupler (hitch) for the accompanying machine *
- Pneumatic brake
- Lighting beam
- Additional reinforcement for the SA tine

*) available only for trailed machines

H - hydraulic folding machines, transport width does not exceed 3m
*) minimum power demand can vary greatly depending on the equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment

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