Disc harrow U652

OFAS toothed disc with a diameter of 560 mm, rubber shock absorber 40mm x 180mm, maintenance-free AgriHub hubs, spacing between the rows of discs 90 cm, hydraulic adjustment of the working depth, pipe roller Ø 500 mm. The U 652 disc harrow with a width of 5.0 m and 6.0 m is equipped with a pneumatic brake as standard. On the Customer's request, a smooth disc or a fine toothed disc is mounted.

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- string roller with flat bars Ø460mm
- string roller with cogged bars Ø460mm
- Packer cogged roller Ø460/550mm
- tubular-ring roller Ø450mm
- Crosskill roller Ø400/500mm
- ring roller Ø500/600mm
- spring roller Ø470/550mm
- rubber roller Ø500mm
- tire roller Ø600mm
- roller of steel rings 48-52HRC Ø600mm
- T-ring roller Ø500/600mm
- U-ring roller Ø540mm
- tandem pipe roller Ø400mm plus string roller Ø400mm
- tandem U-ring roller Ø540mm
- prismatic roller ORION Ø500mm

- SKF maintenance-free hub
- finger comb beam*
- spring comb beam**
- 3D absorber with 35 mm x 35 mm spring
- 560 mm ALFA disc x 5 mm (pc.)
- pneumatic brake (4,0 m HP i 4,5 m HP)
- hydraulic brake (4,0 m HP i 4,5 m HP)
- 400/60-15.5 supporting wheels for trailed version
- side leveling covers
- Delimbe aftercrop seeder
- APV aftercrop seeder
- front reflective plates (mounted machines)
- front LED lighting beam (trailed machines)
- rear LED lighting beam
- maintenance-free roller bearing unit (pc.)***

*) equipment mounted between disc rows
**) tool mounted behind the tillage roller
***) fittings made of spheroidal cast iron GGG50 with steel cover

*) minimum power demand can vary greatly depending on the equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment

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