Multi-purpose subsoiler U638

The frame consists of a square 100x100x8mm. steel profile, Atlas tine (spring beam 35x70mm with cemented carbide chisel). Tine is protected from excessive overload by double spring protection. The basic equipment of the machine also includes pipe roller Ø500mm.

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-string roller with flat bars O460mm
-string roller with cogged bars 460mm
-Packer cogged roller 460/550mm
-tubular-ring roller 450mm
-Crosskill roller 400/500mm
-ring roller 500/600mm
-spring roller 470/550mm
-rubber roller 500mm
-steel ring roller 48-52HRC 600mm
-spiral roller 455mm
-T-ring roller 500/600mm
-U-ring roller 540mm

-mulching roller
-cutting blade/coulter (cemented carbide)
-supporting wheels for trailed version
-lighting beam

*) minimum power requirement can vary depending on the machine equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment

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