Light disc harrow U622

Toothed disc with a diameter of 510mm made of boron steel 45-48HRC, tapered discs bearing of the FLT Krasnik, (lubrication every 150ha for 3,0m machine width) spring shock absorber and pipe roller Ø500mm. On Customer's request, smooth disc or fine toothed disc can be mounted.

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- string roller with flat bars Ø460mm
- string roller with cogged bars Ø460mm
- Packer cogged roller Ø460/550mm
- tubular-ring roller Ø450mm
- Crosskill roller Ø400/500mm
- ring roller Ø500/600mm
- spring roller Ø470/550mm
- rubber roller Ø500mm
- roller of steel rings 48-52HRC Ø600mm
- spiral roller Ø455mm
- T-ring roller Ø500/600mm
- U-ring roller Ø540mm

- discs with a diameter of 560mm
- discs OFAS Italy
- tapered bearings SKF*
- maintenance-free AgriHub
- maintenance-free SKF hub**
- spring comb beam
- aftercrop seeder
- side leveling covers
- lighting beam

*) lubrication every 150ha for 3,0m machine width
**) option available only in combination with OFAS disc

*) minimum power demand can vary greatly depending on the equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment

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