U497 universal crop cultivator

Four rows of SS tines with coulter (45x12 mm spring) for pre-sowing or universal SW / ST tine (70x12 mm spring / 90x13 mm) for pre-sowing and stubble. SW / ST tine ended with pre-sowing coulter, optionally goosefoot stubble coulter. Rear pipe roller Ø500mm.

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- string roller with flat bars Ø460mm
- string roller with cogged bars Ø460mm
- Packer cogged roller Ø460mm
- tubular-ring roller Ø450mm
- Crosskill roller Ø400/500mm
- ring roller Ø500mm
- spring roller Ø470mm
- rubber roller Ø500mm
- spiral roller Ø455mm
- T-ring roller Ø500/600mm
- U-ring roller Ø540mm
- prismatic roller ORION Ø500mm

- front mechanical drag
- spring comb beam
- tractors track looseners for trailed version (set)*
- tine reinforcement (pcs)**
- upgrade to the trailed version***
- 185/65-15 supporting wheels for the trailed version
- goosefoot to SW 180 mm tine (pc.)
- goosefoot to ST 280 mm tine (pc.)
- pneumatic brake
- hydraulic brake
- Delimbe aftercrop seeder
- APV aftercrop seeder
- front reflective plates (mounted machines)
- front LED lighting beam (trailed machines)
- rear LED lighting beam
- backlit license plate frame
- maintenance-free roller bearing unit (pc.)****

*) machine in the rigid version is equipped with two looseners, in the hydraulically folded version, with four ones
**) the option is available only when buying a machine, it cannot be added later in its operation period
***) drawbar + transporting trailer, 400/60-15.5 wheels
****) fittings made of spheroidal cast iron GGG50 with steel cover

*) minimum power requirement can vary depending on the machine equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment, trailed version additional 1280 kg

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