Stubble cultivator U453

Hitching beam, working element Vogel&Noot type with two-sided heart-shaped coulter fixed on a 750mm plough beam, leveling discs 420mm, contour discs and pipe roller of Ø500mm.

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- string roller with flat bars Ø460mm
- string roller with cogged bars Ø460mm
- Packer cogged roller Ø460/550mm
- tubular-ring roller Ø450mm
- Crosskill roller Ø400/500mm
- ring roller Ø500/600mm
- spring roller Ø470/550mm
- rubber roller Ø500mm
- spiral roller Ø455mm
- T-ring roller Ø500/600mm
- U-ring roller Ø540mm

- Lemken type tine
- welded Lemken type tine*
- aftercrop seeder
- lighting beam

*) several times higher abrasion resistance

*) minimum power demand can vary greatly depending on the equipment and soil conditions
**) weight of the machine with standard equipment
***) when choosing the "expansion to the trailed version" option, add 1550 kg to the weight

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