• Agricultural Machinery
    U671 PRO
  • Disc harrow specialised for fallow
    cultivation and soil cultivation after the harvest
    U671 PRO
  • All Rolmako disc harrows are characterised
    by the structural strength, as well as high efficiency
    combined with low operating costs
    U671 PRO
Description U671 Pro.
The heavy stubble harrow is ideal for stubble cultivation that effectively replaces ploughing. During stubble cultivation, the heavy frame guarantees proper additional loading of each disc. Owing to the perfect disc curvature and the appropriate setting of its winding angle, one machine transport is enough for the soil to be properly cultivated. A large distance between the disc working elements, the adjustment of a rear beam with discs and a high clearance under the machine frame is an important feature that allows to obtain good operating results in stubble ground after corn and other difficult crops.
- OFAS 620 mm x 6 mm disc
- distance between beams of discs 1 050 mm
- resistant LongLife shock absorbers 50 mm x 210 mm
- maintenance-free disc hubs
- hydraulic depth adjustment
- automatic protection of the machine arms during transport
- transport system with wheels 520/50-17
- pneumatic brake

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